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Literary Translation
by Tatiana Baeva

Tatiana Baeva earned her M.A and ph.D. in Russian Philology and International Communication from Voronezh State University in Voronezh, Russia. She Has taught Russian language, Russian Literature in English and Russian, World Literature, Linguistics, Translation, and English as a Second Language. In the fall of 2006, Tatiana joined the department of Modern Languages of the University of Texas at Arlington, where she currently teaches Russian Language and Russian Literature in Translation. In 2010 she was granted the Teacher of the Year award from MODL, UTA. The spheres of her scholarly interests are theory of text and theory of speech, foreign study, and classics of Russian Literature. She has organised and led the Russian Study Abroad Programme at UTA. As additional activities, she is a literary editor and a writer for the Russian language periodical Listiya (leaves) since 2005, and also a Russian languageTranslator.

Reading on CD
by Mikhail Khazin
Produced by Joe Biedrzycki

Mikhail Khazin was born in the Republic of Maldova. He worked in it's capital Kishinev as the editor of a monthly literary magazine while writing and translating books from Maldovian, Romanian and Yiddish into Russian. After editing Pushkin in Bessarabia, Mikhail was elected to serve as chairman of the Republican Pushkin Society. Mikhail came to America from the former Soviet Union in late 1994 and lives in Boston, where he recently wrote a book of essays and short stories, Jewish Luck - Notes for my friends, and a book of poems, One for the road - Selected Poems.