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Alexander Romanul, virtuoso violinist, and Peter, fall of 2010                   James Ellis, actor and singer, Peter Thabit Jones Welsh poet
                                                                                                                     outside the Back Fence, NY Spring 2010

Peter and Gerald Wheeler, classical pianist and organist,                           Peter and Joe Biedrzycki, studio engineer and broadcaster
Deer Isle, ME, summer 2010, photo by Jean Penny Wheeler                     voice talent

Peter Thabit Jones, Welsh poet, Peter and James Ellis, actor                    Sultan Catto, NY poet and Peter outside the Back Fence,
and singer at the Back Fence, NY, spring 2010                                           NY, spring 2010

Peter, Fr. Nicholas and Sergei  Danilin, Russian Portrait Painter,
at Holy Nativity Convent in Boston, January 9, 2011