The Seventh Quarry Press presents:
How To Carve An Angel, A poem by Peter Fulton in English and Russian translation with four
extraordinary original musical compositions produced by Peter Fulton and Charles Curl with Art by Alan Wade.

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How to Carve an Angel - Book

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“WITH THIS CD, The Seventh Quarry Press presents Peter Fulton reading his verse drama, How to Carve an Angel, with all original musical accompaniments by Charles Curl, Alexander Romanul, Kelly Durbin and Gerald Wheeler. The poem is also read in Russian by Mikhail Khazin from a translation by Tatiana Baeva. While the poem sings with Dylan Thomas’s “colour of saying”, the musicians have each created their own answer to the essential musical question: how do you carve the sound around the essence of a poem?”

How to Carve an Angel CD

Signed Book and CD sold as a set for $16.90 US

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